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      Life  INSURANCE

At O&A Insurance we care about you family.We know that you have question about how to protect your family and your future. We are committed to providing policies that help families achieve and maintain a higher quality of life. That is why we offer you different levels of life insurance.

Beyond our products and services, we are devoted corporate citizens, committed to making a difference in our community.

Life insurance is for the living. It gives tou and your loved ones:

- A financially secure future.
- Life's necessities and the little extras.
- A good night's sleep.

In addition to providing death benefits so your loved ones can carry on financially without you, certain types of life insurance can build cash value to secure your own financial future. Life insurance benefits help:

-Satisfy final expenses.
-Replace income after a breadwinner's death.
-Send children to collage.
-Pay off a mortgage or busines loan.
-Build financial security.

Term Insurance(Temporary Life Insureance):

This type of insurance offers protection at the lowest possible cost for a specified term or period. It vovers your temporary needs and is generally more affordable then other plans. The policyholder pays premiums for a temporary needs and is generally more offordable than other plans. The policyholder pays premiums for a temporary period of time and it is the obligation of the insurance company to pay the insured amount to the beneficiares, in case of death, for aas long as the policy is in force.

-To supplement life insurance from work.
-A fixed benefit amount for a specific period of time.
-Affordable premiums.
-A death benefit protection with an option to refund premiums if the policy is never used.
-Insurance from a trusted company.

To adapt to a damily's changing needs, in-force term life may be converted to permanent life insurance without additional evidence of insurability.

Permanent Life Insurance:

Also known as full life insurance. this insurance is designed for persons who wish protection throughout their lifetime. The beneficires will receive the insured amount when the policyholder dies, without taking into consideration the term or age, as long as the policy is in force.

The are two types available:

-Limited payments (for 10 or 20 years).
lifetime Payments.

These plans are desingnes for people who need to be protected, but also need to save. This insurance plan is based on the purchanse of temporary protection plus one that capitalizes at the end of the purchansed term plan. The payment of premiums is made during the term of the policy.



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